Rapid Digital Developments

The birth of the internet and rapid digital developments that followed are the equivalent of the second industrial revolution. And even now, we are less than half-way through that revolution. This is affecting every business sector and there are still opportunities in the majority of them. Beyond that, completely new sectors are being created e.g. cyber security and “the internet of things”.

Ingram Enterprise prides itself on being able to calculate trends and where they’re heading in this constantly changing digital world. With the experience of our founder Chris Ingram, Ingram Enterprise is proactive in analysing the current digital climate and invests accordingly.




Apart from the inexorable downward pressure on costs, it is no longer a dream that the right small local idea can become a big global trend. The majority of those ideas will be borne in the West but expand into the East.

With the changing world consistently determining the direction of sectors like communications, advertising, energy and digital media, Ingram Enterprise understands the trends of changing markets through constant engagement and interaction with organisations at the coal face.




More than ever, when we were born has a major impact on how, when and where we spend our money e.g. Baby boomers versus millennials and their attitude to sharing versus owning and the new need for instant gratification.

Different generations obviously have different understandings about similarly different industries. Ingram Enterprise understands this and seeks to level the respective playing field, giving its investors an edge through a growth in perspective.




Much of the Western World is still very influenced by the financial meltdown of 2007/2008 and its after effects e.g attitudes to risk; very low interest rates; fear of deflation; lack of trust in institutions; extreme price consciousness.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the world is a significantly different place from the one prior to 2007/2008. And while trust and security can be rare to find in this day and age, Chris Ingram’s reputation built over decades in the industry is a cornerstone of Ingram Enterprise’s practices and ethos.