Business Knowhow

We are fast, we are instinctive – but yes, we do like to crunch the numbers too.

Don’t send us a 120 page business plan, send us a ‘two pager’. If we’re interested than we’ll ask for a follow-up of no more than 12 pages and we’ll want meetings to play the key role.

If we don’t want to invest, we will tell you quickly. We are not one of those investors that asks endless questions as a substitute for making a decision, thereby slowing down your business.

If we have difficulty in understanding the business model, if we don’t know the right questions to ask, then we don’t even consider investing.

For us, investing in emerging businesses is like running a racing stable – we are always looking for the runaway winners but we accept that some of those horses will only win the occasional race and some will pull up lame.

We are very much team players. We work closely with the entrepreneurs and their teams to help rapidly build the value of their business with a close eye on helping them to raise additional growth funding at significantly higher valuations as – and when – the time requires.

Proof of Concept

This is crucial to us. Just like most investors, we don’t invest in unproven ideas or concepts.

We do invest in well thought-out ideas supported with compelling research and analysis but more importantly, we invest in ideas supported by some form of proof that there’s a good chance of the idea being successful. The better the proof, the more money and the higher valuation the founder can expect.

There are of course many subsidiary “proofs” apart from these major ones that can give us a degree of comfort: