About Ingram Enterprise

Ingram Enterprise Investors LLP specialises in investing in early stage businesses. Our most active portfolio at this stage is the Digital Disruption Portfolio investing in the UK and USA in business that through new technology, can disrupt established industries or sectors.

We are early stage investors – often very early stage. We are happy to be straight in after ‘friends and family’ have put some money in. Typically, we come in when there are at least some proofs of concept

We bridge the gap between angel investors and mainstream venture capital firms. Unlike many private equity firms, we invest pre-profit and do not see a lack of assets in any way as a barrier to investment.

Given the experience and character of our founder Chris Ingram, we would claim we understand entrepreneurs and their business and personal challengers, much better than most. It’s not a word you often see in the investment sector but we feel we empathise with entrepreneurs uniquely well.

How we invest

This tends to take two forms:

1. Smaller investments £30 – £50,000 ($50-$75,000 in USA) where our involvement is minimal: no operational input; but with quarterly reporting; informal updates and exchange of ideas and experiences.

2. Larger investments of up to £100k initially but where we follow our money rapidly as the company grows. These investments get very close, regular involvement from Ingram Enterprise Investors and can only be achieved if there is a very good personal relationship and understanding. For larger investments of this type, we might commit £1 million over time.

Investment Strategy

Our investment approach is in three phases

a) Watching and interpreting macro trends
b) Focusing on specific sectors and events
c) Moving on to investment in specific companies

Investment Sectors

We have identified sectors we regard as suitable for investment. Some are vertical industry sectors and some run across industries:-


Trigger Buzz

It’s been a pleasure working with Ingram Enterprises since their initial investment in our business 2 years ago. Chris’ experience is immense, therefore he’s able to understand business opportunities, challenges and needs very quickly. The Ingram Enterprise team have been very supportive throughout, providing constructive input and advice when called upon, helping to contribute to our businesses success.


Chris has been an incredible partner and investor over the years.  The insight and perspective he brings to the table always adds value, especially since he’s been there before.  Chris has a keen understanding of what it means to build and scale a company.  To say his support has been invaluable would be an understatement.

Rise Art

Working with Chris Ingram and the team at Ingram Enterprise has been invaluable at each stage of our growth. When Rise Art was little more than an idea, the team helped us with market research and opened up their professional network. As we continue to grow, Ingram Enterprise provides a useful sounding board for new ideas and initiatives. Their wealth of experience, expertise, and desire to play an active role has proved exceptionally valuable.